Rochester, MN Light Switch Repair And Installation

All you may need to make your room shine brightly today is a light switch. Considering that electric lighting has only been common in homes for a century or so, we have an amazing tendency to take it for granted. When you flip a light switch and nothing happens, that’s when you realize how dependent we are on electric lighting. Lighting in the home allows us to be more efficient and helps us stay safe while we are there.

Every single day in the whole of America, people across the entire country make use of electrical lighting. Electric lighting is safer and more convenient than ever before, thanks to advances in technology. A professional can assist you with bringing your home up to date, or at least repair what you already have.

Light Switch Repair and Installation

If you need a light switch to be repaired or replaced then a technician from Kruger Electric can do that for you. They can update you on all the different models of light switches available and assist you in choosing the one that best fits your needs. Some of the switches that are available now are selector, photo-electric, dimmer, timer, toggle, sound-activated, smart, and motion-activated.

A light switch is something that can be a personal choice for a person. A few homeowners may simply pick the least expensive alternative, while others prefer all the most recent innovations for each room of the house. Anything you decide to do can be fixed by your electrician whether it is repairing the light switch or any new installation.

Toggle Switches

For homes today, these are the basic, standard switches. They function simply by flipping the toggle to turn lights on or off. Sometimes, they’re even marked with the words “on”/”off” so that you know which way is which. These are typically the cheapest and are usually kept on-hand by electricians. These come in a variety of colors, but white, light almond, and ivory are typical.

Decora Switches

These switches have multiple names: Decora, decorator, paddle, rocker, etc.  They operate the same as other switches, just have a different look.  These switches have a larger exposed area compared to the toggle switches,  but they have a lower profile; they do not stick out as much.  They also come in a range of colors as the other switches.

Dimmer Switches

When it is not necessary to have a fully bright light, then the dimmer switch can be set to the desired brightness. Dimmer switches are available in slide switch and round knob models and they are simple for an electrician to install.

Some of the dimmers or bulbs may be limited in function and hence may not dim enough for every setting. That is why before buying one, you need to inquire about the spectrum of brightness that dimmers can provide.

Motion-Activated Switches

Garages, porches, and closets are the types of areas that most benefit from motion-activated switches. Even a room with a switch positioned a long distance away from the doorway can benefit from utilizing motion-activated technology. When anyone enters a room, a sensor on the switch detects him or her and turns on the light.

In some cases, if there’s not much movement by someone, the automatic light will switch off even with the person in the room. Other homeowners want to be able to exert more control over their lights.

Selector Switches / Fan Speed Control Switch

A selector switch has multiple settings on it that control the various functions of the light, corresponding to the setting selected. The homeowner will typically toggle the switch from one setting to another, usually in a circular pattern.

Selector switches may offer only two choices or several different settings. This is helpful if your light changes colors and you want to be able to toggle between the options. These aren’t as commonly found in homes, however, they could have some useful applications for different activities or hobbies.

Photo-Electric Switches (photo-eye)

Photo-electric switches make the lights go on at night or whenever darkness is detected. They can be commonly observed in the front porch areas and lamp-post areas of the homes. An electrician can put up the switches quite effortlessly, but they are not needed in all places of the house.

Smart Switches

The latest switch technology is smart switches, which provide a wide range of capabilities and can be controlled either through a voice-activated smart-home speaker or an app on your phone. Some smart switches can even be connected easily to the current lights in a home. Other kinds of them, however, will function best when paired with smart devices too.

A smart light can be set to a variety of specific brightness levels and colors. A user can set a room to have full brightness at a certain time of the day. Smart lights and their corresponding switches can be easily integrated into a home and are fairly simple to install.