Electrical Services in Oronoco, Minnesota

Whether someone is renovating their home, building a new home, or in need of new electrical component installation, the experts at Kruger Electric have them covered. Providing Oronoco, MN and the surrounding area with a team of fully licensed and certified electricians, this company arrives on time to complete a project as efficiently and quickly as possible. Known for never cutting corners, the electricians always stay on site until a project is operating smoothly and meets all required safety protocols.


Repairing Basic Electrical Issues is Never a Problem

The most common need for professional electrical services revolves around minor malfunctions and basic system additions. When a receptacle no longer functions, a light fixture won’t stay powered, or a circuit breaker keeps tripping, a homeowner needs an electrician to assess the problem. The source of the problem is often a simple issue that can be fixed with minimal disruption to the customer’s life, but sometimes this is only the start of a larger problem. 


Older Wiring Will Sometimes Require an Overhaul

Electrical wiring practices have changed drastically over the decades, resulting in past wiring jobs becoming the source of significant problems in the present. In some cases, homeowners only have to deal with a partial rewiring that removes overloaded areas or aged wiring and separates everything into a sufficient number of breakers and lines. At other times, the situation behind the walls is bad enough that the entire home requires a rewiring, a project that takes several days to complete and involves a lot of invasive carpentry.


Emergency Electrical Service for those Unexpected Failures

Both newer and older homes often have components added to the electrical system which push the capacity of a specific circuit. These situations lead to electrical malfunctions that leave homeowners in quite a predicament when it’s late in the evening or during the weekend and resetting the breaker doesn’t solve the problem. To assist homeowners in this time of need, Kruger Electric provides services around the clock in Oronoco, MN. During odd hours, a technician is always on call to assess the homeowner’s situation and determine whether the problem can be quickly solved or will involve a more intricate remedy.


Ensuring that Electric Vehicles Receive the Proper Charge

Electric vehicles are slowly gaining popularity in the Midwest which means people who purchase one will need a specialized charging station installed at their home. Here at Kruger Electric, Inc, we can help you get set up with the correct charging outlet.  This outlet will be dedicated to the charging device while conforming to both the national code and the specifications set by the charging station manufacturer.


Making a Home More Efficient Requires a Professional’s Assistance

Another form of new technology that is placing demands on the household electrical system is the smart device. Although these features are designed to reduce wasteful energy habits, they often require specialized installation or the addition of extra receptacles, a task that many homeowners cannot safely perform. Fortunately, electricians from companies like Kruger Electric are trained on the most current smart technology installation and setup practices so that they can add these devices to the existing system without incident.


Beautify and Protect a Home’s Exterior With Lighting

In addition to making a home’s interior more comfortable with smart lighting, many homeowners are investing in landscape lighting for both its aesthetic value as well as security options. The Electricians in Oronoco can offer a full design and installation package for landscape lighting to help the homeowner avoid paying landscapers, electricians, and security firms separately just to have outdoor lighting installed. The project involves electricians consulting with the homeowner first on their vision and inspecting the grounds to determine the best location for specific lighting features before creating a design that both accents and protects the home. Once the design is approved, the entire system is installed for one package price without involving any outside parties.


Safety is the Number One Priority

Overall, making a customer’s home safe is the key goal of the electricians at Kruger Electric. Whether it involves the installation of GFCI receptacles around the presence of water, upgrading a panel to handle the correct power amperage, or removing dangerous aluminum wiring, this team has the training and determination to get the job done properly. Homeowners who need services like these or are interested in modifying their electrical system should call us for a quote.