Electrical Services in Kasson, Minnesota

Electricity is a volatile force that can be highly dangerous. When someone does not have full knowledge of electricity and its components, serious injuries, or even death can occur. When electrical issues begin to arise, we are the expert’s homeowners in Kasson, MN rely on for all their repair and installation needs. Our team offers a full range of services, to ensure homeowners have a safe supply of electricity to power their homes. 


Signs a Home Needs Electrical Repairs

When repair issues arise, homeowners need to be able to rely on the services of a professional electrician. DIY approaches are not an option. If you notice any of the following signs, please give us a call right away and schedule a repair appointment. With professional repairs, homeowners will have peace of mind in knowing their homes are safe. 

  • Outlets or switches that are hot to the touch
  • Sparks coming from outlets, switches, or breaker boxes
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells
  • Frequent breakers tripping
  • Faulty outlets or switches


We provide a wide array of electrical services to meet the needs of all Kasson homeowners. It is our goal to offer prompt and courteous services when our customers need them most. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. With electrical services in Kasson, MN, we give homeowners peace of mind.

There is a reason so many homeowners in Kasson rely on our services. We have developed a strong reputation in the community because we care about our customers. Kruger Electric offers emergency hours when dangerous electrical issues arise and services are needed promptly. 


Our Services Protect Families

Kruger Electric offers all the electric services homeowners need. From repairs to new installations, we have you covered. The following offers insight into some of the many services we provide. If you need any of these services, contact us right away to schedule an appointment. 


Wiring Upgrades

If the wiring in your home is old, it may not be able to handle the needs of today’s modern appliances and electronics. Homeowners may notice their breakers are tripping constantly, which is a sure sign of electrical overload. 

We have the expertise to take care of old wiring. Our upgrade services will ensure your new wiring will give your home more power, so breaker trips and other problems will become a thing of the past. 


Circuit Breaker Replacements

The circuit breaker box of a home is like the heart of a human body. It takes electricity from the electric company and distributes it through the home as needed. When a box or breaker is damaged or outdated, they need to be repaired or replaced right away. 

Allow us to come out to your home and inspect the box and each breaker. We will test for problems with current delivery and ensure each component is working correctly. Our team has the tools and expertise to take care of circuit breaker replacements. Our electrician can also upgrade your electrical box for better safety and performance. 


Electrical Safety Inspections

Homeowners need to seek an inspection regularly, to ensure their wiring and all electrical components are operating safely and efficiently. We recommend our customers schedule an electrical safety inspection every three to five years. These inspections can help homeowners discover minor problems before they become major threats. Frayed wiring, loose connections, and other fire hazards can all be discovered during a thorough inspection. Call us today at (507) 251-9016 to schedule. 


Outlet and Switch Installations

Whether you need a new installation or replacements, we handle all your outlet and switch needs. It is important the outlets and switches in your home are working properly. If any issues are occurring, do not hesitate to call. With prompt services, you can rest assured your outlets and switches will work safely and effectively. 


Electrical Code Corrections

When building a new home or an addition, the code must be met precisely. If you are having issues getting wiring or other electrical components to pass, we are the professionals to call. We handle all types of electrical code upgrades and corrections, helping our customers to get a passing inspection. 


Schedule an Appointment Today

If you need electrical services in Kasson, Minnesota, Kruger Electric is the name to remember. Contact us right away, and we will be happy to schedule your appointment for repairs, inspections, or installations. It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer service to our customers. We treat our customers like family and will not rest until your needs are met. Do not allow electrical problems to continue. We will take care of all your electrical needs.